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12 Days of Recruitment – A Guide for Businesses Ready to Embrace New Talent in the Coming Year

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

As we close another remarkable year at IPA, we’re not just celebrating the end of a year but also the dawn of an exciting new chapter in our journey. 2023 has been pivotal for IPA. As we look back on the year we’ve had, we want to help enter 2024 with some insights and advice on our understanding of the job market this year. As the adage goes, the best is yet to come – here is IPA’s 12 Days of Recruitment and a Guide for Businesses Ready to Embrace New Talent in the Coming Year.

Day 1: Welcoming 2024

Reflecting on 2023, we at IPA feel like we’ve been at the coalface of industry trends and recruitment insights. Why? We’re not prophets, we just made some significant changes and pivots to our business throughout the year that brought us face-to-face with this reality. We published a five-year strategy to grow in key sectors including IT, Healthcare, Construction, Government and not-for-profit. That has brought significant learnings about the jobs in these areas. We also rebranded. Pushing our 40-year-old company into 2024 with a revitalised message and trendy logo. 

These changes have attracted buzz and excitement from our clients and candidates alike. We’ve collected as much data as possible throughout the year and have brought it together for you. Our first piece of advice – if you’re looking for a change in career in the new year, or looking for more staff, we can absolutely excel in helping in these key sectors. Please get in touch! We have more to share with you than just the below. 

Day 2: Reflect on Future Needs – As my dad used to say: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

For businesses, the new year is a time to envision future needs. It’s about identifying the skills that will drive your growth and aligning your workforce strategy to meet these evolving demands. Strategise now and the year will reap rewards. Establish your KPI’s for the next 12 months, and ensure your workforce understands what’s expected of them throughout the year. 

Day 3: Craft Future-Ready Job Descriptions – Stop using “King / Queen of Rigour“, “Chief Troublemaker” and “Digital Prophet“… 

Creating dynamic job descriptions is key. They should reflect not only the immediate role but also how it fits into your long-term vision, resonating with those who see their career paths as journeys of growth and exploration. And take these descriptions seriously. We’re seeing a key example of this happening across the IT industry specifically. Terminology that is infrequent is misleading for jobseekers and the industry on the whole. Understand the role you’re advertising for, and showcase that in the job description. Less is more. Simplify the process. 

Day 4: Establish Employee Referral Programs – Find the diamonds in the rough

Employee referral programs are goldmines for tapping into networks of your existing staff. Encourage your team to recommend candidates who align with your company’s values, ensuring a cohesive and dynamic workforce. Need a values refresher course? Hosting quarterly brand updates led by your marketing teams is far more useful for strengthening the company brand than quoting the values day-to-day. 

Day 5: Social Media Anticipation – Don’t post pictures of Fido the dog on LinkedIn

Social media is a powerful tool in the recruitment arsenal. Use it to build excitement about upcoming opportunities and your personal brand. Craft engaging posts that not only attract but also resonate with the ideal candidates. LinkedIn, and all social channels, are SEO sensitive. Hot tip – consider keywords and topics when creating your posts. Keep them relevant to your field, and keep them professional. LinkedIn isn’t a platform to share pictures of your pets. It’s a tool to network and to build your career.

Day 6: Streamline Processes for the Future – Make your application process easy as pie

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, efficiency is key. Streamline your application processes to attract top talent. A smooth, candidate-friendly experience can set you apart in the competitive market. We’re beating the same drum on this one, but less is more. Keep your application process simple, straightforward, and short. 

Day 7: Plan for Virtual Networking – Zoom, Teams and Google Meets are never going away

Virtual networking will continue to be pivotal in 2024. Plan to participate in industry-specific online events and conferences, and train your staff on Zoom meeting best-practise. Get good lights, have on-brand backgrounds, make sure your Bluetooth is on, close your door and don’t let you kids play in your office. These platforms are invaluable for connecting with potential candidates and staying abreast of industry trends.

Day 8: Forge Partnerships with Recruiters – We’re your mates, not your enemies

Collaboration with recruitment agencies like IPA can significantly enhance your hiring process. Leverage our expertise and extensive network to find candidates who are not just qualified but are the right fit for your culture and goals. At IPA, we survey the market every quarter to ensure your data on job trends is as relevant as possible. Reach out to the teams and tap our insights as often as you can. 

Day 9: Showcase Sustainable Company Culture – Practise what you preach

Today’s candidates are looking for more than just a job. Showcase your sustainable and inclusive company culture to attract individuals committed to long-term success and who share your values. At IPA, we’re the only national social enterprise recruitment company in Australia, and we pride ourselves on that differentiating factor. We practise what we preach, and we’ve noticed this insight has extended to our own internal hires throughout the year. 

Day 10: Streamline Future Interview Processes – Interviews that actually work

The interview process is crucial in selecting the right candidate. Focus on maintaining efficiency while ensuring a thorough assessment. Balancing these aspects will lead to better hiring decisions throughout 2024. Similar to our Day 6 advice, less is more. Keep your interview process simple, straightforward, and short. 

Day 11: Design Appealing Future Benefits – Flexibility is so hot right now

A competitive benefits package is essential in today’s job market. Design a package that meets the evolving expectations of the workforce. Think beyond the basics – consider flexibility, wellness programs, and continuous learning opportunities. We’ve seen some interesting ones pop up recently. Some as contradictory as Burger Friday’s combined with complimentary gym memberships. 

Day 12: Final Countdown to the Future – Anticipating Future Success

As we conclude our 12-day guide, we reiterate our commitment to being your partners in this evolving recruitment landscape. What does future success look like for you in 2024? Only you can know, and only you can make it happen. However, you can make it easier for yourself by working with a recruitment company like IPA. We have many more insights available at our fingertips, but we’ll share these with you if you work with IPA throughout 2024. As the adage goes, the best is yet to come. 

As IPA looks back on a year of impactful changes, and forward to our 40th year of innovation, we invite you to join us on this journey. Whether you’re seeking new talent or looking to grow your career, remember it’s all about working your way. Follow IPA on LinkedIn, FacebookInstagram, TikTok and YouTube for the latest in recruitment, and visit for personalised support and guidance. Here’s to a new year of opportunities and successes, walking together every step of the way.

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