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Business Support & Call Centre Staff

IPA knows the best talent to keep businesses running efficiently, both client-facing and back-of-house.

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Information & Communication Technology

IPA sources industry leading talent to meet Australia’s ever-expanding drive for technological innovation.

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IPA connects health and allied health professionals to help our clients keep Australia healthy.

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Australia is growing, and so is its infrastructure. This means more construction job opportunities and higher demand for skilled candidates...

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IPA delivers compliance-focused recruitment to federal, state and local government departments throughout Australia.

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Not for Profit

IPA understands purpose-driven organisations and people, and how they transform lives through meaningful work.

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Facility Services

With more than 40% of Australians working away from home, and many others working in large facilities, comprehensive facility management...

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Finance and Insurance

Australia’s highly developed financial markets make us a key financial centre for the Asia Pacific. Our financial sector regulation is...

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Manufacturing in Australia is changing – and bringing opportunities with that change. IPA partners with manufacturing industry clients to position...

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Supply Chain and Logistics

Across air, sea, road or rail channels, Australia’s supply chain is evolving – along with the communities they link. Logistics...

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We’re the only national recruitment agency committing 100% of it’s profits to disability and community services.