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Australia is a recognised testing ground for ICT innovation. With digital transformation rapidly expanding in both the public and private sector, ICT recruitment needs to focus on securing talent to support both this and the growing adoption of advanced technologies, such as AI, big data, and the internet of things. 

IPA provides our clients access to expert IT professionals covering: 

Project Management

Business analysis, systems analysis and technical analysis

Data Management

Data analytics and business intelligence

Software Development

Software engineering, solution architects, web developers, testing, mobile & web app development, quality testing, quality assurance, and UX/UI development 

IT Infrastructure

IT help desk, IT support, systems admin, systems engineers, network engineers and network support


IT manager, service delivery manager, chief technology officer, director of IT, director of engineering, chief information officer and general manager

Marketing Management

Marketing manager, chief marketing officer, performance marketing, programmatic, social media, media buying, content creation, search engine optimisation (SEO) and graphic design

IT Sales Management

Sales manager, sales director, account management, business development and customer success

IPA is committed to connecting job seekers to IT jobs and developing technology careers to meet Australia’s ever expanding need to grow the size, skills and diversity of our ICT workforce.

Case Study: Gordon Digital 

IPA partners with Gordon Digital, providing highly skilled digital marketing talent to deliver best in industry marketing to their growing list of clients. Gordon Digital are a Brisbane based digital marketing agency providing specialist services in SEO, Paid Search, Paid Social and web development. We provide Gordon Digital with recruitment and consulting services to ensure they stay ahead of the market and attract the best talent locally in Brisbane.

“IPA always provides great industry insight to ensure we are aligning our desired outcomes with market trends to attract the best candidates for our roles. Steven and the IPA team always stay in contact with us throughout the year to keep us abreast of potential talent on the market and give us the option to throw our hat in the ring when there is a unicorn. They provide a true partnership to ensure success for both parties.” 

General Manager, Gordon Digital
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