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Manufacturing in Australia is changing – and bringing opportunities with that change. IPA partners with manufacturing industry clients to position employers and jobseekers for success as the industry moves from lower skilled labour jobs to the higher tech world of Industry 4.0. 

IPA’s industry specific recruitment expertise covers manufacturing jobs in 

  • Food and beverage product manufacturing 
  • Pharmaceutical product manufacturing 
  • Process manufacturing 
  • Construction manufacturing, and 
  • Chemical product manufacturing. 

Our industry specialists can amplify, strengthen and expand your production workforce with experienced machine operators, production assistants, process workers, forklift operators and assemblers, as well as expanding your expertise by introducing you to industry leading production managers, shift supervisors, safety and quality managers, engineers, and operations and general management.

Case Study: CSL

IPA partners with CSL, providing them with high-quality contingent labour hire to support them in developing and producing the vaccines that protect us every day. We work with CSL across their Australian locations, as well as supporting some of their joint ventures with another of our clients, the University of Melbourne. 

“When it comes to performance, IPA has consistently surpassed our expectations. Their reliability, professionalism, and commitment to delivering on their promises are truly commendable. The candidates they supply are not only technically competent but also demonstrate strong soft skills, seamlessly integrating with our team and contributing from day one.” 

Sourcing and Procurement – CSL 

Case Study

IPA partners with Graymont throughout Australia, introducing them to talent to assist them in their mission to contribute to a decarbonized world by providing essential lime and limestone solutions. IPA temporary employees work with Graymont in manufacturing products that are essential in addressing some of today’s most pressing environmental issues, such as air and water purification. 

“We have been well supported by the team at IPA since day one. The partnership that we have from IPA spans across our network of operations across Australia for both our white collar and blue collar requirements. No job is too small for IPA and they are always willing to assist and provide us the support that we need. IPA has been very reliable so that is why they are my go-to recruitment partners.” 

HR team – Graymont 
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