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Social Enterprise Day 2023: A Catalyst for Meaningful Change in the Workforce

Join IPA in celebrating Social Enterprise Day 2023, as we explore our role in fostering social procurement and the tangible benefits it brings to the community. Discover how we measure the real impact of our work and why partnering with us means contributing to a greater cause. Visit for more.

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The New Brand Identity: Finding Your Way with IPA

Explore IPA's new brand identity! With a mission to be people-first, we're dedicated to guiding you through your career journey. Discover our story, promise, and how we help you ‘work your way'.

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History: Tracing the Path

Join IPA in celebrating 40 years of connecting people with opportunities. Explore our rich history, commitment to change, and how we're embracing modern values to serve you better.

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We’re the only national recruitment agency committing profits to community services.