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Supply and Demand – Looking for an IT Job in Australia?

If you want to immigrate to Australia and work in the tech space your options for sponsored jobs have been slim, until very recently.

Following the Jobs and Skills Summit in September, the government pledged to improve immigration numbers to build on the workforces in Australia as the pandemic is nearing its end. Part of that pledge has been to add 10 new IT positions to the skills list for sponsored visas.

The National Skills Commission published their list with the below IT roles now included:

ICT Business Analyst (261111)
Systems Analyst (261112)
Web Developer (261212)
Analyst Programmer (261311)
Database Administrator (262111)
Computer Network and Systems Engineer (263111)
Network Administrator (263112)
Network Analyst (263113)
ICT Quality Assurance Engineer (263211
ICT Systems Test Engineer (263213)

The only subtraction from the usual line-up of IT jobs is that of IT Project Managers. Having led the technology sector for IPA Personnel for the last two years, this is a glaring omission in the IT space that is still demanding many Project Managers for clients across Australia. As an organisation, we hope the National Skills Commission recognise this flaw and add the position back to the list in the near future.

The Jobs and Skills Summit brought Australians together to agree on immediate actions to help build a stronger economy and a stronger Australia. Their pledge on immigration has been to increase the permanent migration ceiling from 160,000 to 195,000 ultimately helping ease widespread, critical workforce shortages.

On the surface this is great news for any company wanting to grow their headcount, however it is a strategy that will not likely prove successful quickly.

What Else Can We Do To Improve The Recruitment Market Now?

Short term, companies and clients of IPA will still need to navigate a candidate driven market, which means looking at internal processes and remaining competitive on all fronts. IPA work with many technology companies who are happy for staff to work remotely and are now selling flexibility as a standard expectation in all job descriptions.

What has been a growing concern of ours at IPA, is seeing our clients move too slowly to implement enticing flexibility models for candidates. In some cases, we are seeing SME’s to international fortune 500 companies entice Australian job seekers to work from Europe and America because they have more competitive flexibility arrangements.

With a rapidly changing recruitment environment that is swinging more in favour of the candidate experience, clients and companies will need to develop real life solutions rather than hoping for a quick change in the market. One solution to consider is upskilling. IPA is seeing more clients hiring staff with skill gaps and offering training to bring them up to the levels that are need to achieve their position.

If you have the resources internally, this can be a great way to attract fantastic candidates and offer real career progression. With the right training, you can fill those vacant positions today with some homegrown talent.

What Are We Expecting To Change In The Job Market Soon?

Ultimately, a win for IPA and our clients isn’t just to offer more, but to help entice job seekers to Australia in the pursuit of a better way of life. Australia has always stood resolute against other migration options because we have a competitive workplace culture unrivalled on the world stage.

The pandemic hangover has slowed the usual stream of travellers and professionals from moving down under. With the proactive focus from the Australian government to improve professional sponsorship options, we’re likely to see more internationals gravitate back to Australia very soon.

Speaking on behalf of the IT sector at IPA, we’re getting excited about this shift. We’ve already started to reach out to candidates from abroad that are interested in relocating and are educating them on the recruitment process to help them find work when they arrive.

Since securing social enterprise credentials in 2016, IPA has heralded our approach to the candidate journey as our differentiating factor. We understand recruitment can be a ‘love us then leave us’ industry, and we’re proactively changing this position for our candidates. We want to apply our commercial acumen and unique profit commitment to showcase recruitment’s place in inclusive communities.

This is showcased by our candidates as they achieve gainful employment that improves their lives and wellbeing. IPA continues to prioritise candidate wellbeing and workforce participation whilst contributing to community services across Australia.

Want To Work With IPA Technology?

If you’re hiring now or considering going to market for a new job, please reach out to myself or the team. We’d be delighted to help improve the lives of any jobseeker in the IT space, or any client looking for that ideal candidate.

The National Skills Commission (NSC) provides expert advice and national leadership on Australia’s labour market and current, emerging and future workforce skills needs. They also have an important role in simplifying and strengthening Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) system.

Australia’s labour market touches the lives of all Australians. Understanding where the jobs in demand are, and what skills are needed to do those jobs, will help more Australians into work and build a strong economy for the future.

Steven Orr is the Team Leader for IPA Personnel’s Technology Division. He manages a team of IT recruitment professionals across the entirety of Australia who help candidates achieve new heights in their careers, whilst supporting technology clients with the best candidate pairings.

We’re the only national recruitment agency committing profits to community services.