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IPA are looking for Events staff to assist with labouring for an upcoming event.

We are looking to fill positions on 2 crews, who will be working shifts starting from the 18th March and go through until the 5th April.

**This work will include working over the Easter weekend as well.**

The hours will be approximately 8 hours / day between 4-6 days / week across this time.

The rate on offer for the role is $33 + penalty rates for weekends and public holidays.

Key Duties-

Labour Event Install:

  • Assist event team in precinct setup, scrim installation, signage install, furniture placement, and event pack down.
  • Set up event precinct by clearing and cleaning the area, marking designated zones, hanging fence scrim, placing signage, and arranging furniture according to layout plans.
  • Assist in assembling and installing decorative structures like entry arches.
  • Pack down furniture, remove scrim and signage, return assets to storage, and clean up event space post-event.

Fence Install:

  • Assist in site preparation, unloading and distribution, assembly, installation, adjustments, Quality checks, and manual handling tasks related to event fencing.
  • Ensure the installation is sturdy, secure, and meets safety standards.


  • Experience as a labourer.
  • Good physical capability for manual handling work.
  • Reliability, including availability over Easter.

Applicants must have their own PPE – Steel cap lace up above ankle work boots, long sleeved hi-vis shirt, wide-brimmed hat.

Join our team for an exciting event! Apply now!

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