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National Careers Week 2024: IPA and Our Expertise in ICT Recruitment

National Careers Week celebrates the importance of career guidance, awareness, and development for both job seekers and employers. At IPA, we recognise this week each year as a key opportunity to celebrate career progression and the unique vocations we support every day. This year, we’re shining a spotlight on our ICT department. Our ICT team are at the forefront of one of the most exciting industries in the world today. From generative AI to web development and digital creative positions, the ICT sector is heralding change throughout Australia. This post IPA’s expertise in placing talented professionals in meaningful ICT roles across Australia.

The ICT Sector in Australia and IPA’s Success

Australia’s ICT sector is a vibrant, innovative landscape. With rapid digital transformation in both the public and private sectors, there’s a growing need for skilled talent to support advancements in AI, big data, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things. Across the last five years, IPA has thrived in this field, building lasting relationships and sourcing the best talent in a competitive market. Our consultants’ deep understanding of the sector’s trends and challenges enables us to connect great people with great businesses, every time.

ICT Roles and Case Study

IPA provides comprehensive recruitment services across various ICT roles, including:

  • Project Management: Business analysts, project managers, and solutions consultants.
  • Software Development: Software engineers, developers, architects, and testers.
  • Data Management: Data analysts and data engineers.
  • IT Infrastructure: Network engineers, IT support, and help desk personnel.
  • Management: IT managers, directors of IT, and service delivery managers.

A notable success story involves our partnership with Gordon Digital, a Brisbane-based marketing agency specialising in SEO and digital marketing. IPA provided them with top-tier digital marketing talent to support their growing client base.

Their General Manager stated: “IPA always provides great industry insight to ensure we are aligning our desired outcomes with market trends to attract the best candidates for our roles. Steven and the IPA team always stay in contact to keep us abreast of potential talent on the market.”

Meet the Team

Steven Orr | Team Leader QLD

Based in Brisbane, Steven leads IPA’s ICT team as a Team Leader. He provides end-to-end recruitment services for a diverse range of clients, from multinational corporations to start-ups. With experience across various ICT roles like Project Managers and Network Engineers, Steven is well-versed in defining role requirements and guiding clients through talent mapping, sourcing, and selection.

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Isaac Ingram | Recruitment Consultant NSW

Working from Sydney, Isaac is a dedicated ICT recruitment consultant. He pairs the best tech talent with top companies, ensuring businesses in Australia’s busiest city have access to specialised expertise.

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Drew Shafer | Principle Lead VIC

As the Principal Lead for ICT at IPA, Drew brings over 20 years of international talent acquisition experience. Based in Melbourne, he specialises in data and cloud professionals, driving diversity hiring. Drew is committed to helping build teams that thrive and deliver exceptional results

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This National Careers Week, are you seeking representation to find the right ICT talent or the perfect opportunity in your tech career? Contact Steven Orr, Isaac Ingram, or Drew Shafer today and let IPA’s expert ICT recruitment team guide you toward your goals. Together, we’ll navigate the ICT landscape and help you find the best opportunities to advance your business or career.

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