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A mix of skills and life experience helps lead to happy and productive workplaces. 

We champion that.  

IPA understands that every path to diversity and inclusion is different because every workplace and jobseeker is different. 

Some steps help create the mix – that’s called ‘diversity’. IPA drives recruitment campaigns that promote equal employment opportunities and attract the ideal jobseekers to workplaces where they feel respected and valued. 

Then there are steps that help that mix work well – that’s called ‘inclusion’. Our partnerships lead to successful workplaces through this mix of ideas and participation. 

Case Study

We partnered with education and training resource provider, Modern Star, in a ‘workplace wellbeing strategy’ to boost workforce diversity and employable skills. IPA’s 12-week diversity recruitment program increased knowledge about how to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander jobseekers a welcoming and inclusive workplace. The program also combined culturally specific support, on-site skills training, and rosters that phased up to full-time work.   

After 3 months:  

  • nearly two thirds of IPA’s temporary employees remained working for the employer (a 63% retention rate)  
  • the IPA employees more than doubled their paid hours (up by 145%)  
  • the IPA employees greatly increased their combined earnings (up by 563%)   
  • the IPA client stepped up after the program with a commitment to provide direct full-time employment  
  • the entire workforce benefited from becoming a more diverse, skilled team.  

“Working with IPA to increase workforce diversity has delivered Modern Star trained team members who have remained with us for the long-term. We have also gained a better understanding of how to put our Reconciliation Action Plan into practice in a way that both reflects Modern Star’s values and meets operational demands.” 

People and Culture, Modern Star 
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