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IPA’s profits help our parent organisation, genU, fund quality homes for people with disability, equipment for social enterprises, and skills training for people having trouble finding work.  

So, we walk the talk. 

We do this with the help of talented jobseekers and employers who value social responsibility initiatives and sustainable practices in business.  

IPA’s speciality is connecting the right people with the right workplaces. When we do, we boost job placement satisfaction and get more people working. We go further than corporate philanthropy – 100% of our profit goes to support services for people living with disability and inclusive communities.

This makes us unique among national recruitment companies. 

In 2022, genU reinvested $17.6 million into community and supported 67,000 people, via employment outcomes for 23,000 job seekers, 1.2 million hours of disability service, and direct employment of 200 people living with disability. 

Social Enterprise Certification

Social enterprises are unique because they exist to create impact through trade. Purpose is at the heart of IPA’s service delivery and this can sometimes be hard to explain.

That’s why we partnered with Social Traders and set up thier certification process – so everyone can have confidence that IPA’s Social Enterprise model really does create social or environmental impact through trade.

For more information, you can visit the Social Traders website here.

Case Study: The State of Social Procurement 2021 

Buying from a social enterprise is a powerful way to help create healthy and happy communities. Some people call it social procurement. We call it ‘business for good’. IPA champions ‘business for good’ because we know social enterprise solutions make a positive difference.  

IPA asked the Centre for Social Impact at Swinburne University to find out what social procurement was happening in Australia – and why. 

  • Employment of people in local areas, and inclusion and jobs for disadvantaged people, are the top benefits influencing ‘business for good’
  • Recruitment and human resources expertise rank in the top five services purchased through ‘business for good’
  • 86% of businesses surveyed say social procurement will become more important because governments and customers expect ‘business for good’

Learn more about IPA’s research partnership with CSI Swinburne, Social Traders, CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) and Akina here and watch our webinar series here.

Measuring Social Impact

We go beyond just counting the number of hours worked, when and where. Our Social Impact team focuses on what a job placement means to our talented jobseekers. Every month, we ask how IPA has helped change their lives. 

  • More than 90% of surveyed IPA placements say we positively impact their ability to stay employed
  • More than 80% of surveyed temporary employees would choose to continue at their IPA job placement
  • More than 70% of our clients are rated 4+ out of 5 for safety and inclusion by IPA temporary and permanent placements
  • More than 65% of surveyed jobseekers placed by IPA are managing their work situations better since joining us

“Currently very happy in my role. IPA helped me move into a position that has more structured hours, better pay, work vehicle and benefits. As a result, I feel much less stressed financially and have a much better routine.”

Facility Services Manager, Queensland

An impact journey worth traveling

If our jobseekers feel more financially secure, safe and included at work, they are more likely to recommend IPA to others – so IPA can place more jobseekers in satisfying work.  

More people working in jobs at businesses that value IPA talent plus our social enterprise status means we have inspired more employers to do ‘business for good’ – so our purpose-led recruitment success grows. 

Together, we create a positive loop that drives our success in supporting communities. That’s why we’re your partners for the long run.

Our vision & values
Our vision & values

In a fast-paced and often transactional industry, we’re people-first with a foundation in social impact. We’re your partners,…

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Partners in Safety

Safety is our number one priority and we’re committed to keeping “all safe, all the time”.

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Partners in Safety
Not for Profit
Not for Profit

IPA understands purpose-driven organisations and people, and how they transform lives through meaningful work.

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We’re the only national recruitment agency committing profits to community services.