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History: Tracing the Path

Forty years ago, our founder Paul Veith set out to create reality out of a dream here in Melbourne. A vision to reinvigorate the recruitment industry, infused with determination, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From three consultants to a nationwide network, IPA’s journey mirrors the evolution of career paths across Australia. Join us as we look back at our storied history and renew our commitment to a modern world through our rebrand this year.

Our journey began in 1984, a time when Queen’s “Radio GaGa” echoed in the airwaves, and the promise of change was palpable. Like a fresh start in a career, we embarked on our path with three recruitment consultants, passion, and a determination to find the best in people.

One of our first projects, a government-funded employment services program for the unemployed, established our commitment to social impact. Steady growth saw us open interstate branches with further government contracts stimulating 30 offices across all states by the early naughties. IPA then spread its wings into sectors as broad as construction, information technology and health services, building long-term relationships with businesses that understand the value of the right people. Our dream of reinvigoration developed into a renewed approach within the recruitment industry with our people first ethos, understanding that work means something different to everyone. We’ll find your “right fit”, no matter who you are or what your business.

In 2016, IPA joined with genU and earned social enterprise credentials, aligning us with academia, the profit-for-purpose sector, and key industries in leading the social procurement conversation. Our collaboration with genU provided new avenues for growth, enabling IPA to further our mission of driving change and creating an impact in the community. 

As a proud Australian-owned organisation with close to four decades of experience in the recruitment space, we’re devoted to finding the right fit – for both companies and candidates. And we’ll always call you back. 

This week, we launch the new look, the new messaging and the new values for IPA in 2023. Wrapped up in a brand refresh, we’re excited to reveal our corporate identity today. 

Our new promise, “We make it our business to create relationships for life. For the ins, the outs, the ups and downs, and everything in between — this is a shared journey built on trust, understanding and quality service,” is at the heart of our relationship with you. 

Our updated Unique Selling Proposition is all about you. In a fast-paced and often transactional industry, we’re people-first with a foundation in social impact. We’re your partners, here for the long run. This reaffirms our commitment to your journey.

This nostalgic look back is not merely a tribute to our past; it’s a bridge to our future. The modern world demands agility, understanding, and a renewed approach. IPA’s new mission, logo, and tagline, “work your way”, reflect our people-first ethos, aligning us with the dynamic needs of today’s professionals.

Our forty-year journey has been incredible, filled with lessons, achievements, and an unwavering belief in the power of the right fit. As we embrace our new identity, we invite you to be part of our continued journey. Stay engaged through our social media channels LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and look forward to more revelations as we embrace the future, together. A future where we promise to be your partners, for the long run. A future where we’ll always adapt to work your way.

We’re the only national recruitment agency committing profits to community services.